About Shinola Detroit

Shinola Detroit is an American luxury lifestyle brand that specializes in watches, bicycles, jewelry, and leather goods, among other items. Founded in 2011, the company's name is a nod to the former Shinola shoe polish company that created American jobs decades ago. After purchasing the brand name, Shinola dedicated itself to fueling the American economy. The vast majority of its assembly workers are local Detroiters. The company has created over 200 US manufacturing jobs as well as hundreds more jobs in other departments since they launched. Shinola is founded in the belief that products should be well-made and built to last. Across a growing number of categories, Shinola stands for skill at scale, the preservation of craft, and the beauty of industry.

Shinola's construction efforts equally reflect its dedication to quality. The company's goal is to have each store location provide a consistent level of quality that rivals the products it will house. Shinola intends to use Projectmates Construction Program Management Software as the spearhead of its ambitious expansion throughout the United States. The cloud-based software will provide every tool and functionality necessary for Shinola projects to be consistently on schedule, under budget, and of the utmost quality.

About Projectmates

Today's retail construction projects have many moving pieces, dispersed project participants, and unforgiving schedules. In order to accomplish all project-related goals in a timely and efficient manner, the right kind of tools are critical. Projectmates excels at retail construction with real-time, up-to-the-minute access to the most accurate information for your projects. The cloud-based solution is designed to keep schedules on track, under budget, and with minimized delays.

Projectmates is the most comprehensive retail construction management software available today. Being an enterprise mobile construction app, Projectmates improves team collaboration and communication in real time regardless of device. Our online construction management software provides a centralized location for construction workflow automation, construction document management, punch list management, contract management, construction accounting integration, and much more. Our powerful and informative construction project dashboards and ad-hoc reporting tools provide high level project tracking with unparalleled transparency.

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